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It’s a scorching hot day, the kind that grows warmer when the gusts come. Lanna is learning to swim at the town pool where she befriends a young boy, Sam. Meanwhile, her father, a scientist, is flirting with Sam’s mother, a redhead whose meticulous makeup paints a picture of Monet. But up close, Sam’s mother is hiding a black eye. Shortly thereafter, Sam finds his parents dead.

MISSWIRED follows the interwoven trials and tribulations of Lanna and Sam, two acquaintances whose burgeoning friendship comes to a startling halt. Who killed Sam’s parents, and what becomes of Lanna and Sam twenty years later? 

Editorial Reviews

“Makhmali’s smart debut has a unique style and structure that is held together by vivid characterization … a thought-proving debut with a unique take on unconventional family problems.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Makhmali explores her protagonists fears, hopes, and failings in explicit detail … as a story about resolving a painful past with her father, the emotions play out wonderfully.” –Kirkus Reviews

“If you believe that the universe helps us when we realize that we’ve been (as Makhmali’s pun intends) “misswired” and are open to connectivity again, then this novel is your spiritual cup of tea and then some.” – The Jersey Journal 

About the Author

Tara Makhmali is the author of MISSWIRED, the founder of CommonSmarts Media, LLC, and since 2010, a certified Project Manager (PMP). She is an Iranian-born US citizen whose family left Iran shortly after the revolution. She lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, with her husband, Evan, a prominent New York City litigator, their beautiful daughter, and their lazy miniature English bulldog, Wilson. Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She has worked in various capacities from Project Manager to Recruiter to Consultant for notable companies such as Pearson Publishing, FCB Advertising, Bridgewater Associates, and HBO. In her spare time, she plays classical piano and guitar. Above all, she is a curious person who cares deeply for people and progress

In the News

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Visit — AND OTHER MISNOMERS — A Tara Makhmali original blog site where Tara discusses a broad range of topics from employee engagement to communications strategies to recruiting and much more. 

Additional Book Specifications

Genre:Literary Fiction, Mystery
Page Count: 338 
Target Age: College +
Themes: Murder, Love, Family Psychology, Health, Relationships & Personal Development, Mysticism, Liberal & Reform Judaism, Society & Culture, Cultural Studies, Fashion & Society
Publisher: CommonSmarts Media, LLC
Ebook ISBN:  978-0991790-0-0
Print ISBN: 978-09991790-1-7 (for release end of April 2018)

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Print edition coming in April 2018!


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